Frames and Lenses

close up of a mature lady putting on contact lenses in her eyes


Wearing glasses is not just about giving you improved vision, although that is the main benefit. If you like to make a statement, distinctively designed frames provide an extension of your personality, or conveys an image that you want to portray.

 Whether you want to compliment your businesswear with stylish frames that exude intellect and professionalism, or you want a more quirky design to emphasise your personality, we will find your perfect frame from our global luxury eyewear and sunwear suppliers.

By sourcing the best in independent luxury eyewear and sunwear from around the world, our focus on quality and handmade frames made from premium materials make for superior frame craftsmanship and comfort.

We believe eyewear is the ultimate extension of your personality . From an avant-garde aesthetic creating a strong statement to the ethereal elegance of a classic design we will guide you in finding the perfect pair for you and your face.


Identifying the right lenses to suit your needs has a huge bearing on your quality of life and therefore we review every available lenses option to ensure we source the best ones for your specific eye condition.

Our use of the latest technology means giving your eyes a deserved tailored set of lenses and the best eyewear solution possible is quicker and easier than ever before. Our lenses are also backed by the industry’s best warranties.

As independent opticians, we scrutinize the vast availability of lenses and filter it down to help you understand your choices.

By closely consulting with you to establish your visual needs, we use that information to help you experience the real-world applications of the latest in lens technologies.

The best lenses with the best coatings, customized perfectly for you, and backed by the industries’ best warranties. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive for award winning customer service

Ready to get tailored frames and lenses for your needs?